akolabone 2013 creed

akolabone – who we are

akolabone, a title we all have earned and learnt to bluntly live with at most points in our youthful time, for either openly expressing our opinion or attempting different methods of approach, contrary to the orthodox methods specifically instructed by fore-bearers.

As a young group, which is experiencing the intense negativity put at our unlimited creative minds.

This has urged us to take up the challenge to develop a medium through which persons of our generation, the generation before and after can be encouraged to seek out the greatness our minds have to offer to the world.

The major purpose of the brand, printed on our products, is to take the negativity associated with the Akan word “AKOLABONE”, which can be translated in English as ‘wayward’, and transform it such that it represents persons with the intent to make a difference……

akb, be yourself.

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