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akolabone Creed 2021

We put out our creed eight years ago. We’ve grown since that time. And while the core of our what we believe hasn’t changed much, it’s important to share our renewed vision with you.

akolabone – This is Who We Are

We’re young, bold, and unique. We can be anything, and everything. We’re unlimited and we rise against all odds. We’re unbound by the old ways of doing, of thinking and imagining. They say the sky’s the limit, but we transcended that a long time ago and we’re still going. 

We’re rebels, misfits, innovators and quirky individuals charting our own paths. 

We are akolabone and nothing can stop us.


For, we are FORMIDABLE

What We Stand For



The freedom to be young, to be, to create, to be empowered and to empower. The freedom to believe to achieve the unimaginable, freedom.

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