be epic akolabone family at a restaurant


Meet the akolabone family.

Akola Bone

Happy Val’s Day Not

Last child, the true rebel. Akola is all of us, feisty, non-conformist, a force to be reckoned with, skateboard lover and adventure junkie. Him and Monkeyspextn are inseparable partners. Mess with the monkey, you mess with Akola.

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Shasha Bone

Sasha bone akolabone character phone wallpaper

Shasha, middle child, the genius, and probably the coolest. Resident rasta man. How does he see with that beanie over his head and how does he survive the tropics with that fur coat? Shhh…you have too many questions.

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Kidd Bra

Kidd Bra, eldest brother of the Bone Family of characters

Big brother Kidd. The only macho man in the Bone family. Mess with the bros and you mess with Kidd. Don’t mess with the family cause you don’t want to have to deal with Kidd.

N aa

Nana Lou

Katana wielding, afro queen. Lou is smart, and gives her cousin Shasha a run for his money. She’s fierce, gorgeous, and possesses a unique set of skills that… just don’t get her to use her katana on you.

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akolabone keep calm monkeys-exon
Keep calm

Keep Calm? Keep calm? Don’t let Monkeyspextn’s keep calm mantra fool you. He’s Akola’s partner in crime and if you’ve met Akola you’ll know they’re anything but calm.

Cluck N. Bone


Think Chuck Norris, but a chicken. So Cluck Norris Bone. Like Chuck, Cluck is not to be trifled with. His feats speak volumes and everyone is wary of him, even Kidd Bra. Poultry butchers especially have it rough with Cluck. And Christmas? Don’t ever mention Christmas to Cluck. It’s a very sensitive topic, unless you want your teeth knocked out.


Terrorist mosquito robots.

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